About the Project

The ADVICE project aims to contribute to coach education programmes, which are designed for grassroots coaches. To do this, the following principles are adhered to:

Starting Early

Attitudes are a key factor in shaping behaviour. As such, helping grassroots coaches provide positive messages about playing fair and adhering to positive sporting values among young athletes is important. It hoped that grassroots coaches can use the ADVICE mobile application to shape positive values among their athletes, before athletes may be tempted to engage in doping behaviours.

Coach Education

There is a strong requirement to develop an educational resource that meets the needs of our end-users – grassroots coaches. By educating grassroots coaches we can provide them with information about doping, strategies to promote positive values among the athletes they coach, and ultimately reduce doping behaviours among grassroots athletes.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Increase coaches’ knowledge of doping, so they can answer questions about prohibited substances
  2. Reduce favourable attitudes towards doping among coaches
  3. Provide coaches with strategies to reduce positive attitudes towards doping, and promote fair play among their athletes