About the App

ADVICE is an App specifically designed to help sports coaches:

  • Promote clean sport
  • Promote positive sporting values
  • Create optimal sporting environments that may promote confidence, self-esteem, well-being, and enjoyment
  • Understand the impact they may have on the choice athletes make
  • Build effective relationships with athletes
  • Promote fair and ethical behaviour
  • Communicate with other coaches and parents
  • Answer questions about prohibited substances

The ADVICE app contains the following modules:

ADVICE on Fair Play ­

ADVICE on Substances

ADVICE on Supplements

ADVICE on Rules

ADVICE on Support

How to use the ADVICE app

The ADVICE app is an interactive and thought-provoking resource, which will encourage coaches to consider their views on different scenarios that they could encounter. There are no wrong or right answers to managing the different scenarios within the ADVICE app.

You can complete each module by providing your views on different scenarios, reading content, and then reflecting on your answers, with your newly acquired knowledge. There is no specific order in which you are required to complete the modules, and you can decide if and when you complete the modules.

Benefits of the ADVICE app

Engaging in the content will increase your knowledge about banned substances and the impact they can have on athletes, and will allow you to reflect upon your own views.

Coaches that complete all four modules will receive a completion certificate from the University of Hull.